Three cheers for Cayman

Three cheers to probably the best experiences of my life. To the wonderful island that I have explored. Each day was truly a breath taking sight. The locations that we explored are unforgettable.     To the wonderful experience that I have had. To the challenges that I have faced in this program. To being... Continue Reading →


10 highlights of Grand Cayman

The ocean is so clear you can see everything in the water! We had the honor to work with some amazing models who were all so kind. We got to experience what it was like to work with four awesome clients! Peripherals, unitues, Fig Leaf, and Ohio running company. We all got to learn from... Continue Reading →

Peripheral Life & Style photos

There's very few feelings better than the feeling of accomplishment. Months of planning and organizing the photoshoot finally paid off, and the group absolutely nailed the vision we had in mind. I am so proud of the work everyone put into this shoot, the photos look fantastic. GZ

GLORIOUS Rooster Boi

While staying in Grand Cayman we've seen our fair share of chickens and roosters so it was no surprise when one came running through my shot the other day. This little guy decided it was his time to shine and stole the limelight from Miss Cayman for just enough time to get his glamour shot.

UN1TUS Sneak Peek

The Unitus shoot went off without a hitch! We were so lucky to be able to have 6 amazing models for this shoot on Wednesday morning. The weather was amazing and we were able to find a perfect spot on the roof of a parking garage for a group photo with all 6 models for... Continue Reading →

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